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Top Ten with Kemberlee Shortland

Top Ten Favorite Places to Visit While Writing This Book
Thanks, Dawn, for inviting me here today so I can talk about my latest erotica romance novella, One Night in Dublin. This is book 9 in the City Nights series from Tirgearr Publishing. Each book is set in a major city around the world, and I chose Dublin, Ireland.
I’ve never really been a city person, but after living in Ireland for so long and visiting Dublin many times, it’s a city that has grown near and dear to my heart. So much to offer in such a compact place. And the history! Especially the Viking history of the city, which plays an important part in my story.
In no particular order, these are my Top Ten Viking Places in Ireland:
Number 1: The NationalMuseum of Archaeology – This museum is located on Kildare Street in city center, just off St Stephen’s Green. This museum is archaeology building of the National Museum, and stores and displays some of the oldest artifacts in the country: from the Treasury to the gold hoard; fr…

Blog Tour Post and Giveaway for On the Money

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Now let's talk with author Tariq Saleim....

So tell us about your latest or upcoming release. What is this gem about?
My next release is a political thriller which is set in year 2100AD. It talks about a world that is united, peaceful and prosperous – but only on the outside.

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae?
I write either very early in the morning, that is, before sunrise or very late at night. This way I am able to write without distractions. I have the ability to write when I want and do not have to wait for a special moment or mood. This is very helpful otherwise I am not sure how I would be able to write anything. I have a full day job, two teenage kids, wife, friends, extended fami…


There is something about evil that draws me into its labyrinth of dark heinousness. There is mystery in the pain of it, there is temptation in the promise of decadent pleasure, there is that longing to surrender without thought or restrain to the unknown and sometimes to the very well known, things one dappled with and found irresistibly wondrous. There it is, my secret. I adore evil. To clarify, I adore writing about it. I have a healthy respect for the muse and movement of it in the undercurrent and the potency it provides a story.

Plotinus in 200 AD wrote, "To deny evil a place among realities is necessarily to deny a way with the good as well." I am certain you often heard that evil cannot exist without good. For certain how can white exist without the contrast of black. The clench and chills of the reader is heightened when there are sharp defined lines between an honorable character facing a foe of a merciless horrendous nature. Though we might surrender to providing …

Release Day for The Tempting of Thomas Carrick

It's release day for Stephanie Laurens latest addition to the Cynster Family Series.....Check out the interview with the author below and make sure to check this addition to this acclaimed series out. It's a great read!

Thomas and Lucilla are both especially strong and stubborn characters, as so many of your heroes and heroines are. Is there a particular reason for this a) in general, and b) in this particular case?
In the general sense, I’ve always used strong characters because the scale and intensity of emotional clashes between such characters is more powerful, has the potential to be more wide-ranging, and is also likely to strike brighter sparks. A strong character doesn’t give way when someone opposes them or gets in the way of their will and drive—they immediately push back, and that refusal to back away is one of the key elements that leads such a pair of characters deeper and deeper into Cupid’s snare as they are forced to adjus…