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WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD Thanksgiving - Eat, drink, and be thankful.

(Another typical work day would have happened if it weren't for the need to eat turkey and watch football games... so the blog was actually about the Wednesday before)
A:(Ang arrives, wearing a three wise snowman sweater inside out... the tag revealed that)Heard this on the radio.If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?...Pilgrims!Get it?
Z:Sweater.(The one word was all that was needed to have her notice)
A:(She stripped the sweater over her head, showing that she also forgot to wear, of all things, a bra... quickly seeing she was exposed pulled the sweater right back down)I intended it to be on this way... ok!It allows me to get an extra day out of it before I have to wash it.
Z:What?(He had not been looking... and if he had known she had flashed him with him not seeing it... would have been P.O.ed)
A:(Adds a dazzling turkey pin to her sweater which is now on backwards but she likes the look)Why do turkeys gobble?... Because they never learned table manners!

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Book Spotlight~ Susan Smith Alvis's Mystical Christmas

What if everything you wanted was all within your reach but not yours for the taking?
Klaus and Stefan are tearing through the South collecting hybrids and leaving a trail of dead bodies behind them. Unable to reach Stefan any other way, Elena devises a holiday plan to lure Stefan back home.

Damon thinks Elena is wasting her time and fears the worst. He and Stefan no longer celebrate Christmas, but if Klaus approves Elena’s request, Damon will support her by giving her what she wants—a traditional Christmas.

What Elena wants and what she gets are two different vampires altogether. Elena approaches Klaus and asks for Stefan’s release, even if it’s only for one Christmas weekend. Klaus agrees, but his terms and conditions are nonnegotiable.

Soon, Elena is holed up in a snow-covered chalet with the Salvatore brothers and Klaus, an original vampire with an unusual agenda. And he’s gone to great lengths to find out who Elena really loves.
Excerpt One
Dear Diary,
I used to love mystery and danger.…

Release Blitz for Christmas in the Cotswolds

Christmas in the Cotswolds by Jenny Kane (@JennyKaneAuthor)
A seasonal easy read romance, Christmas in the Cotswolds is Jenny Kane’sfestive sequel to Another Cup of Christmas. (It can also be read as a stand alone story.) Blurb Izzie Spencer-Harris, owner of the Cotswold Art and Crafts Centre, is due to host the prestigious Cotswold Choir’s annual Christmas carol concert in her beautiful converted church. Or at least she was, until a storm smashed a hole right through the chancel roof. Days from Christmas, Izzie suddenly finds herself up to her neck in DIY, with her last dodgy workman having walked off the job. She does the only thing she can … calls in her best friend Megan to help. Leaving Peggy and Scott to run Pickwicks Café in her absence, Megan heads to the Cotswolds for Christmas. Within minutes of her arrival, she finds herself hunting down anyone willing to take on extra work so close to Christmas. It seems the only person available to help is Joseph Parker – a carpenter who, whi…

Welcome Holden “Fox” Krause and Andrea Speed today

Please give a warm welcome to Holden Fox Krause from the Infected series by Andrea Speedtoday as we sit down and see what makes him tick.
Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author? Oh, I wouldn't even try and guess. Have you seen her brain? Little scares me, but that does.
Let's see, what can I tell you about myself? My dad's an evangelist, and he fathered me and probably my sister with our mother, a junkie in one of his outreach programs, while married to another woman. When our mother died of an overdose, he let my sister get dumped into the foster care system, but as I was an infant, arranged to adopt me to show what Christian charity he had, while never acknowledging he was my biological father. And when he found out I was gay, he threw me out of the house, and I became a hooker to survive. I'm still really bitter about it, can you tell? At least, if he does believe a smidgen of that religious bullshit he shovels – and I say he pr…