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Storing away memories and odd events to add to a story gives that story realism. Anne Rice once said, “No matter how long we exist, we have our memories. Points in time which time itself cannot erase.” And most of our memories are indeed gifts that we open again and again.
I was at an Evelyn Woods Speed Reading Class and the instructor said, “We are the sum of all our experiences.” There it was a truth that stood above simple truths. As I began to write I recognized that I had very limited experiences upon which to pull. My early work was unquestionable shallow. So I began a quest to discover, in the name of wanting to be a better writer? No! I realized I was shallow.
Every submission sent to publishers was returned or ignored. I recall critique suggesting I needed more depth in both the way I dealt with the subject and the technical writing style. As time ate at my life I waited as I worked. Wrote daily. How much life is lost to wait? That is an apt question, b…

New Dreamspinner Press Author debuts and The Daily Dose Stories starts

Check out Dreamspinner Press June 1st when they start the Daily Dreams, everyday a story will be delivered to those who purchase the anthology. A very sweet deal if I may say so myself. 

They are also having a facobook chat with Ada Maria Soto, author of Eden Springs, this Saturday at 3:30 EST. Some giveaways, contests and other fun stuff are planned to happen. She is a debut author fro Dreamspinner so please drop by and show her some love. I hear her book is very good.

Check out Dreamspinner Press's New Releases This week

This week's new releases from Dreamspinner Press

Animal Instinct by Stephen Osborne

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal: Contemporary Fantasy, Mystery/Suspense Series: Duncan Andrews Thrillers by Stephen Osborne Novel Buy in E-Book & Print
Sequel to Pale as a Ghost -- A Duncan Andrews Thriller
Private detective Duncan Andrews has the home-team advantage when it comes to solving paranormal crimes: His best friend, Gina, is a centuries-old witch. His dog is a zombie. And his boyfriend, Robbie, is a ghost. Duncan certainly has his work cut out for him with this case. Someone’s been using the skull of a powerful wizard to control animals, and whoever it is, they’re not out to set up a petting zoo. For Gina, the case hits close to home—she knows just how dangerous it is, since the wizard was her father. Just when he thinks they’re close to breaking the case, tragedy strikes, leaving Gina in a coma. Then, after years as a ghost, Robbie finally decides to move on, leaving Duncan to protect young Ash…

Avengers and Battleship Movie Reviews

So my DH and I went to see the Avengers along with Battleship on Friday night at our local drive-in. Nice sultry night and it was wonderful to get out with no kids for a change.

Avengers lived up to the hype and then some. I found it very engrossing, had some humorous bits *hulk smashing Loki like a rag doll had me giggling* and the story line was very well done. I may not know much on comic book lore so I bug my DH on Marvel and DC Comics, villains and other items. 

Josh Whedon did a great job in creating a story line for all the Avengers-Thor, Iron Man, Capt. America, Hulk, Hawkeye and though I am not sure why Black Widow (I think that was her name) was there since I felt her part was pretty much flat. Otherwise, the story was great. I really enjoyed the extra scene that sets it up for a sequel. Nope not saying since if you haven't see it, I don't want to spoil it for you.

Avengers-5 Stars and a recommended watch

Next after Avengers was Battleship-the movie not the game. *smiles…

Guest Author Day with Rodney Ross

Welcome to my Reading Nook, Rodney Ross. Please make yourself at home and let my cabana boys/girls get you a mojito.
Yes, except I finished my drink and would like another from your cabana boy. I was really thirsty.
Now let’s get started.Tell us about ‘The Cool Part Of His Pillow’. What inspired it?
Barry Grooms is a success by any measure: expansive interior design gallery, 20-plus years of stability with partner Andy, financial security, he still has all of his own hair and teeth. Then everything changes when, on Barry’s 45th birthday, a horrendous construction crane collapse kills Andy and their two pugs. The plunge into widowerhood is surreal enough – casseroles of sympathy, being offered someone else’s snotrag, a parasitic grief support group –  yet Barry is damaged, not destroyed, and my hope is anyone who has experienced loss and retreated into denial will find resonance.
As a gay man of a certain age – is that evasive enough? -- I wanted to voice something relevant to…

Book Spotlight~Sean Michael's Solitary

Solitary by Sean Michael
A Hammer Novel

Greg's on a downward spiral. He broke his back a few years into a promising stunt career, then his master died shortly after they began living a BDSM lifestyle together. He's just lost. So lost, that he can't keep a Master for more than two weeks. So lost that he's been arrested several times and is this close to winding up in jail. So lost that Master Oliver doesn't know what to do with him anymore.
In desperation, Oliver calls on his friend Appleton who lives in isolation in Northern Canada. Ap enjoys working with subs, and has both the time and the inclination to work with a lost soul like Greg. Not to mention, there's no way to get into legal trouble or run away from Ap's house given its location. So, Ap takes Greg in, hoping to help Greg find his center and himself again.
Will Greg find what he needs with Ap? Or will he find so much more?
Find out in this latest addition to Sean Michael's Hammer Club series.
Buy li…



By: Angelica Hart and Zi

Is there really a gray area? Is it still wrong to have an affair outside of marriage, commitment, engagement? How many times have you heard someone say, We're in a committed relationship? Or when caught in an affair... I just don't know what came over me. I couldn't help myself? I really do love you not them? Just what does that mean when you don't have a legal document, yup, that wee bit of paper that tells people they belong to each other and no one else? Does the commitment of today have the strength of yesterday's marriage even without the paper? Does marriage mean commitment forever, or is it I'm committed to you for as long as no one nicer, richer, kinder, simpler, funnier, sweeter, more macho, less macho, more in tune, or whatever you'd like to throw in there. And, is it possible to truly be in love with two people? Should today's marriage be redefined?

Z: Ooooh, we&#…

Book Review-The Talker Collection by Amy Lane

I haven't had the pleasure of reading nay of Amy Lane's books before this one but after reading about Talker and Brian, I am getting ready to explore more by this author. Wonderfully written, captivating characters and I fell in love with these two. I bet so will you!

My rating for The Talker Collection: 5 Stars and a recommended read

Meet Brian Cooper and Tate ‘Talker’ Walker. Teammates on the track team and all it took for their friendship to begin were a lone seat by Brian and the fact that both Brian and Talker needed one another. Friendship continues even as both go off to college, life throwing them curveballs even as they navigate this thing called life. For friendship that turns to love, life is not a smooth ride for these two. One will learn to speak up; the other will have to learn to listen. Both Brian and Talker will find that in order to get their own happily ever after, they need to trust in themselves as well as in each other.
I had a feeling I am going to need to …