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Dreamspinner Press Anniversary Celebration

Dreamspinner Press turns five this month, and with it comes a huge, month-long celebration that includes sales, giveaways, prizes, and more!

Over the course of the month, all our our titles will be discounted according to how long the author has been with us.

May 1-5, we will offer a 40% discount off all books (including in-stock paperbacks) by authors who signed with us during our first year of business: Rhianne Aile, Eric Arvin, Connie Bailey, Alix Bekins, Nicki Bennett, Giselle Ellis, Catt Ford, Shay Kincaid, Marguerite Labbe, Clare London, Dar Mavison, Anais Morten, Chrissy Munder, Zahra Owens, D.G. Parker, Abigail Roux, John Simpson, Fae Sutherland, Ariel Tachna, Madeleine Urban.

May 6-12, we will offer a 35% discount off all books (including in-stock paperbacks)by authors who signed with us during our second year of business. Watch the web site for the list.

May 13-19, we will offer a 30% discount off all books (including in-stock paperbacks)by authors who signed with us during our …

New Dreamspinner Press Releases This Week

Check out Dreamspinner Press's latest/upcoming releases this week. Something for everyone.

Complete Faith by Sue Brown
Sequel to Morning Report
Western, Novel
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For Tommy Bradley, a hand working on the Lost Cow Ranch in rural Texas, admitting his sexuality is impossible, even if his bosses, Luke and Simon, are gay—Tommy has spent his entire life hiding the truth from his homophobic parents. Then Tommy meets pastor Noah Taylor in Luke’s father’s hospital room, and his difficult secret becomes that much harder to keep.
Noah is unlike any man of God—or any man—Tommy’s ever met. For one thing, his congregation is made up primarily of GLBT individuals and their families. For another, he isn’t afraid of the attraction he feels toward Tommy, and he makes his intentions very clear. But Noah won’t hide his sexuality or his love from the world, and he won’t start a relationship with Tommy while Tommy hides his, either. Faced with the ch…

Welcome Michael Mandrake today & a Contest

Inspiration for Under the Gun Michael Mandrake
Thanks for having me. So, my latest novella, Under the Gun from No Boundaries is an interracial m/m romance about a two men who come from different paths but find out just how much they have in common. Malik Day is a discharged soldier under the now defunct DADT policy while Camdyn Hardy is private investigator who just lost his lover when he decided homosexuality wasn’t for him.
The novel idea came from a sub call I answered and wasn’t successful at getting published. However, that seemed to be a blessing in disguise. I’d get to rewrite this novella and give the characters a much longer story.
Surely, other than Binding Justice, it’s different than my other books. I add a touch of snark from BL, tap into the kink as she would and add some more sensuality as Rawiya; all because my characters ask for it.
Now onto the music. This story is a romance with two very interesting characters, both of headstrong, stubborn, proud, and alpha. I’m choos…

Welcome Tara Chevrestt Today

Please give a warm welcome to author Tara Chevrestt today as we talk about her first non-fiction book, Deaf Isn't Dumb, available April 27th from Breathless Press.

Hi there Tara, please introduce yourself to the readers. Where can we find you on the web?
I have a website that is just Author Me. I have an Author Facebook Page: And I have a blog for Reader Me. If you like to read, especially strong women heroines, you may like the books I review on Book Babe:
Do you work on one project at a time? Or do you multi-task?
I TRY to do one book at a time, but it's gotten away from lately. LOL. I will set a book aside if another book is calling to me, however. Or sometimes I have joint projects with other authors and while it's in their hands, I will work on something else. But for the most part, I try to finish one book before startin…

My Personal Review for Hope by William Neale

When William Neale died earlier this year, I was gobsmacked. His passing leaves a void in the publishing-centrally the M/M world-that is felt to this day. He was a wonderful man, a nice person when I had the pleasure of talking to him in chats on my loop and I had his books on my wish list forever. When I was asked to read and review his final book, I wanted to do William & his partner, Marty, justice and after sleeping on my thoughts and feelings over Hope, I hope I finally got what I wanted to say out right. 

Here is my personal review for Hope, A Home Series story. 

My rating for Hope- 5 stars and a Recommended Read

Spencer Hawkins was dumped by his in the closet boyfriend & jobless; he has no idea what to do. Until the job he is hoping for lands in his lap. Moving to a new city gives him hope that he can get his life on track again. Meeting Hunter Harrison and his son, Ethan has him eager to see if the sparks that fly between Hunter and Spencer can be fanned into something mo…

Welcome Kassanna and introducing Club Lexx

My palms were damp and I had to pull my blouse from the sticky skin of my chest. Running a hand down my skirt, I lifted my head to stare at the gilded gold doors that led to the inner chambers of Club Lexx. The door was pulled open before I had the opportunity to knock and my gaze met that of Tanya Babineaux. She’s one of the security personnel for the club.             Clearing my throat, I spoke quickly. “Hi, I’m Kassanna. I have an appointment with John Lexington.”             She looked me up and down before pushing the door completely open. I ignored the urge to look down and check my appearance. Perhaps my business suit was a bit overboard but I wanted to make a good impression. “I know who you are.” Tanya turned on her heel and walked away forcing me to follow behind her.             I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough. She turned and raised and arched brow in my direction. Stepping across the threshold I couldn’t help but take in my surrounding. Without the cove…