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Talking with SJD Peterson/Contest Announcement

I was lucky to sit down with SJD Peterson in between her moving, edits, NaNoMo project and other items going. She was even grascious to let me grill...err ask..some questions while she was so busy. Now take it away SJD Peterson....

Q: I hear you have a big blog event going on. Want to tell us about the authors and what all of it entails?

SJD:  During December 1 through the 25th a different author will feature his or her Christmas story and answer a few questions! You won't want to miss what some of these authors did to get on Santa's naughty list!! Keep track of all the authors in the order they appear and email it to to be entered into a drawing for an 25$ Amazon gift card check out the details at sjdpeterson.blogspot

Q:  Your latest is Quinn's Need, sequel to Lorcan's Desire. What made you decide to give Quinn a book of his own?

SJD:  Quinn' Book is actually a continuation of Lorcan's adventure! When I got to 150k and the story stil…

SJD Peterson Day~Sneak peek into Quinn's Need, Whispering Pines Ranch #2

Quinn's Need by SJD Peterson
Dreamspinner Press
Available in Print & E-book
Western/Cowboy,BDSM/Kink, M/M

Sequel to Lorcan’s Desire - A Whispering Pines Ranch Novel

It’s been a year since Lorcan James left Whispering Pines Ranch, and Quinn Taylor has barely recovered.  Only two things keep him from falling into the abyss of despair: his work at the ranch and his escape into the world of BDSM at a club called The Push. At The Push, the sound of men begging him helps drown out the bitter memory of his own voice begging Lorcan to stay.

When Lorcan comes back to Pegasus, the same blistering heat simmers between them, but almost nothing has changed.  Lorcan is still with Jess, the man he left the ranch with, and Quinn has captured the attention of Ty Callahan, a man who will beg Quinn for anything, anytime, and any way Quinn wants it. Despite how much he wants Lorcan, Quinn swears he’ll never beg a man again. If there’s one thing Quinn has learned the hard way, it’s tha…

Sneak Peek into the Whispering Pines Ranch Series, Lorcan's Desire,by SJD Peterson

When i first picked up Lorcan's Desire, I was intrigued by the cover first then by the book blurb. But it didn't get me ready for the most amazing story I ever read. it was hot, sexy and emotional. It had an ending I didn't see coming and a few twists to keep me on the edge of your seat. Today is SJD Peterson Day and up first is sneak peek into Lorcan's Desire...Book 1 int he Whispering Pines Ranch Series. Settle in and meet Lorcan and Quinn, two sexy cowboys who will make your blood run hot and wish you were there with them.

Lorcan's Desire by SJD Peterson
Dreamspinner Press
Contemporary/Western/Cowboys M/M
Print & E-book

Despite the loving support of his family, Lorcan James wants to try life on his own, so at twenty-one, he finds himself walking halfway across the country in search of adventure. What he finds is desperation, desperation that leads him straight to Whispering Pines Ranch and right into the path of its strong, arrogant, gorgeous owner, who …

My Personal Review for Against the Storm by Kat Martin

Kat Martin released her latest romantic suspense book and part of her Raines of Wind Canyon series. Kat Martin delivers a sizzling tale of secrets, mystery and a romance so hot it will set your pages on fire. Get ready for AGAINST THE STORM.

Maggie O’Connell has a problem and she is scared to the bone. Someone is stalking her, sending menacing letters and phone calls. Maggie doesn’t know what to do but she has no idea what. Until she meets Trace Rawlins and finds this cowboy is much more than a pretty face. He is also in the security business and doesn’t take Maggie’s situation as a joke. But Trace is digging deep to figure out who is harassing Maggie and what he finds may end the fragile relationship that is building between them. Can Maggie let Trace in on the secrets of her past before Trace finds out? Can Trace, who has major trust issues, find a way to keep Maggie safe even as he stumbles head over heels in love with her?
Against The Storm is a fast paced, suspense story that wi…

Guest Author Day with Gwen Campbell

The Look
A couple mornings ago, the alarm didn’t go off. Well, it did go off but the volume had drifted to nil (one of the hazards of hanging onto a clock radio for more than five years). Fortunately, my bladder is a fairly reliable clock. Not the best sensation in the world…waking up with a full bladder then realizing you’re forty-five minutes late. I immediately switched to high-prioritization mode, which shocked and impressed me to no end. My husband’s the one with the day job and I’m his chauffeur, so while he jumped in the shower, I threw on yesterday’s clothes and took the dog out for the shortest walk ever. A bit of background here. Four years ago, we adopted a rescued dog. He’s terrific, but he has some quirks. One being urination and defecation are community bulletin board events. Meaning he’ll hold everything in until his eyes turn purple before he’ll do his business in our nice, private, fenced backyard, where nobody else can scent his manly presence. (And this from a neute…

Welcome Lisa Worrall Today

Welcome to Dawn’s Reading Nook, Lisa Worrall, Please let my cabana boys/girls get you a drink and make yourself at home. Comfortable? Great…now let’s get down to business.
Q: For the readers out there who might not know about you or your work, can you please tell them a little about yourself.
LW: I’m a single mother of two, a six and an eight year old who drive me to distraction, in an English seaside town that boasts the longest pleasure pier in the world ;)I have an addiction to Pepsi Max and Supernatural and can be found most days with the latest season rolling behind my word documents at the bottom of the screen, so I can type and watch at the same time.(I know, incredibly sad, but that’s how it is)
Q: How long have you been writing? What got you in to writing?
LW: I’ve been penning stories on and off ever since I could write, but have been doing it seriously for almost two years.I got into it because RJ Scott had read some of my fanfiction and said that I should submit something, so…

My Personal Review for Love Means...Healing by Andrew Grey

Whenever I pick up one of Andrew Grey's books, I find myself falling more in love with his wonderful stories. There is a feeling you are coming home after being away for awhile.

Love Means...Healing is the sixth book in the Farm Series and one I was absolutely unprepared for. You will laugh, mourn, smile and sigh as you read this  novella about Len Parker as he tries to get back on with his life after losing his partner of twenty years, Cliff.

Welcome back to the Farm and get ready for a heartbreaking story of loss, grief and finally, love.

I have got to admit, whenever I pick up one of Andrew Grey’s books, I always get that feeling of coming home, no matter what. The stories he creates are full of emotion that pull the reader in from the beginning. This is an author who is a masterful storyteller and knows how to draw his readers in from the moment they open one of his books. 

Mr. Grey does a wonderful job in conveying Len’s emotions as he grieves and slowly begins to heal even …

Welcome Lila Munro Today

Building Block or Stumbling Block?
I’d like to thank Dawn for having me over today. She’s a real trooper in inviting people into her space for everything from guest posts to blatant promotion. I’ve been over a few times in recent months either alone or with a group that I was involved in anthology writing with, and I thought today I’d stir things up and do an actual informative piece, well, I guess it borders on opinion. But nonetheless. J Seems like one of the most frequently asked questions when a writer is interviewed is what our writing advice is to others or newer writers. One of the most shocking forms of this question came to me once in the form of how important is grammar and spelling…ummm. This question seemed odd to me at first, then slapped me in the face and demanded an answer. How could it not be the most important thing? Grammar and spelling are the building blocks of writing. They are the very foundation in fact. We are supposed to learn this from an early age. Let's …

Welcome Amylea Lyn

Edits: The good, the bad, and the… did I actually write that?

As an author, there is nothing I love more then sitting down at my computer and recording the words racing through my mind, breathing life to my characters, and finally, finishing a manuscript. Writing feeds my soul, my heart, and lets my inner demons rest after hounding me for months at a time while I toiled away at my story, forsaking both necessary sleep and family dinners to produce a work I would be proud to claim. And once the story is finished, comes the heart wrenching task of finding the manuscript a proper home with a publisher; then there are the days (and sometimes weeks) of waiting to hear back from said publisher and worrying about rejections. Finally, the news comes; you’re books been accepted and you’re being published! So that’s the end of it, right? Wrong. Weeks later, I get an email from someone claming to be my “editor” and then it dawns on me… the real work is about to begin. LOL. Truthfully, I have had no …