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Angelica Hart and Zi

Many organizations and businesses have mission statements. Do authors? We believe they do but as much as they write and write, they rarely post the exactness of their mission in this ambiguous world of literary dreams. One day, we decided to write our statement, to place it as a mark upon the why and if and how come of us. Although it is written in first person, it is a collaboration of both our insights and experiences.

Z: You are getting soooo serious.
A: This was your idea.
Z: Oh...well, there are times serious should be balanced against the comic view of our world.
A: Good save.
Z: You think?
A: (Shrugs) Who knows. It's time for coffee with lots of cream. All who agree say, aye!
Z: Aye! (Notices a lot or readers scurrying for their morning java or tea.)

Our Author's Statement

Autumn flashed brilliance over the shore of Lums Pond. Glorious colors of sharp and raw against a sky of mourning. The din was quiescently…